Thursday, 15 May 2008

Continuation and Thank you FoodieMumFans.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of you who have followed our journey so diligently. According to some, Foodiemumontheroad has been right up there on their daily checks with the News and Archers updates. Many people have said that the blog has inspired them to get out into the countryside and experiment with wild food and many people have expressed that the blog made them hungry! There can be no greater accolade and it's been an honour to be included in some many people’s everyday life. We have had hundreds of people following the trip and have made many wonderful, wonderful friends on our tour.

As you can imagine I've got loads of notes and thousands of photos. These I'm going to utilise in articles and hopefully a if there are any editors or publishers out there who want a great article or book on a Foodiefamily's journey around England in a VW Camper van including wild food then please contact me.

Ruby is parked outside of the house and has developed her very own group of fans. For some their emphasis really has been Ruby. What she looks like, how she sounds, what we've done to her, how she's behaved. Many people love Ruby. She's very friendly looking with her headlight eyes, spare tyre nose and bumper smile.

I'm going to continue with Foodiemumontheroad with regular updates so do keep checking back on us. It's lovely to have you involved.