Monday, 23 June 2008

Salamanca farm-Norfolk

Salamanca farm in Norfolk is the type of place the famous five would run away to and have adventures. The sprawling red brick farm house is wrapped in a leafy garden full of interesting corners, hidey holes and mature plants.

This is what grown up plants look like... Used to seeing bijou baby plants in their neat little pots, standing to attention at the nursery, it's refreshing to see what they look like when they rampage over lush green lawns. It looks beautiful, a Norfolk Eden.

Inside we are warmly welcomed by Mr and Mrs Harold ushered into the sitting room and given scaling hot treacle coloured tea a huge plate of all the biscuits I don't normally allow myself. Oskar my 3 year old sits comfortably on a loved brown chair sipping his squash and making his way through as many of the biscuits as possible before we realise and forbid anymore. Luckily he's quiet, looking through a thoughtfully provided children’s book so we don't notice until only the rich teas are left.

Our bed feels like our one back home and we sleep fitfully and wake to the smell of bacon frying.

In a dining room made for high teas, knees ups and full breakfasts we gorge ourselves on bacon, fresh eggs and sausages washed down with more deep brown tanniny tea. Mr Harold pops in and out ready to dispense seconds, warm one liners and top ups. A breakfast fit for a King, a farmer ready to head for a hard day in the fields or the famous five if they happened to be this way.

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