Friday, 27 November 2009

MasterChef Live 2009 article published!

The title says it all really doesn't it. The MasterChef Live 2009 review I posted on here on the 14th has been printed in a London newspaper. I went to the event courtesy of They haven't told me which paper it's in yet exciting! See it here:


mangocheeks said...

I'm a fan of Masterchef as it showcases real people. So will check out the link.

Well done on getting your review printed. It must be a wonderful feeling!

Rob said...

Hi Jade,
It’s Rob from Dorset Cereals. Firstly congratulations on getting your review published, it sounds amazing, especially the 20 minute cook off!! It sounds as if there were so many strange and amazing things going on! I’ve been reading through your great blog and thought a food lover such as you might be interested that we have created two amazingly moreish dark chocolate Granola recipes. If you fancy we can send you some samples to try and if you’d like to do a competition on your blog we’d love to give some packs to the winner as a prize!

If you’re at all interested please email me at

Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the Master Chef application,


About Jade...... said...

I've emailed you Rob. Sounds like a great idea!