Thursday, 8 July 2010

Homemade, elderflowerade, lemonade, mintade-all using pretty much the same recipe!

This is a really easy peasy recipe that takes next to no time to make. It's elegent enough to serve to your most trying guests (with ice and a slice of course) but so easy peasy you don't mind if your 5 year old drinks litres of it. It's wonderfully refreshing and perfect for the summer

1 cup lemon juice (about 6 lemons if you use lemons).

Alternatively for Mintade use 1 good handful of fresh mint leaves.

For Elderflowerade use 2-4 sprigs of Elderflowers. Elderflowers are best gathered early in the season and in warm weather. The beginning of the season is early June and they are best gathered in warm weather as this is when they realease their wonderful pungent pollen.

1 cup sugar

1 cup boiling water

4 cups cold water

Mix the boiling water and sugar together until the suger is disolved. If it doesn't dissolve you may have to gently heat it on the hob.

Once the suger is dissolved add the lemon juice and the cold water and serve over ice. Yes it's that easy!

If you want to make elderflowerade cover 2-4 sprigs of elderflowers in 1 cup of sugar and leave overnight then use the sugar as above. Also add a squueeze or dash of lemon juice.

For Mintade cover a big handful of fresh mint in 1 cup of sugar and leave overnight then use the sugar as above. Add a sprig of mint to the mintade.

These also work well as make your own ice lollys .

How easy is that? Perfect refeshing summer drinks that cost next to nothing:)

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