Wednesday, 9 February 2011

One man and his Campervan

Does anyone think that One Man and his Campervan ( Tuesday evening BBC2) is similar to what I've done? Please comment if you do!


mummy mushroom said...

TOTAL ripoff! Your's is much nicer!

Chestnuts said...

Shocking! How dare he nick your idea?

Martin Dorey said...

Hi Jade

I like your blog. It's nice. And you clearly have a lot of great knowledge of wild food. Mine comes from picking mussels after surf trips and walking in the woods. Our vans are similar too, except mine's a pop top. And it happens to be red. So, in that respect there are similarities. Why wouldn't there be? It's a good life. However, I have a book out that was picked up by the BBC and have been living and eating in VWs since I took my first surf trip to France in 1985. As I said, it's a good life. So, nice blog. Thanks for sharing it.