Monday, 17 March 2008

Auto electrics and pine cones.

Poor ol' Rube is at the Auto Electrics. Forlorn in the car park. Practically abandoned to the whims of these 'leci philes. They were very helpful actually and promised to fit her in between jobs. She'll be back on Wednesday with her leisure battery in her engine all good campers should. The leisure battery is what we run the fridge and the like off when we can 't plug in to the camping mains. We're starting to get really excited about the trip and Oskar is telling everyone that he is going to sleep in a vw camper van. It's very cute when a 3 year old says it.
I've been reading the SAS survival handbook and have discovered that you can eat pine cone seeds. You heat the cone, the seeds drop out, then you munch them. Apparently you can eat the bark as well....I have to try this and report back to you. I'd like to try them in a warm, crumbly, goats cheese salad.
I've had pine needle tea, which is beautiful and fragrant and with a wonderfully fresh taste. Just infuse the pine needles in hot water for 5 minutes and drink. Nice to have a refreshing cuppa.

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