Thursday, 13 March 2008

Box mountain and misbehaving carpets

Heeerm.... I think Jason might have something to say about the huge mountain of cardboard boxes that are currently spanning half of the living room. These are all of the those must have items from They're useful, THEY'RE USEFUL! Admittedly the big chrome vw badge for the front of Ruby isn't absolutely necessary but she wanted one. All the other cool campers have them.

I've been fitting Rubys new carpet . Why is it that I always attempt tricky jobs using the most ludicrous items? Rubys carpet has been cut to fit using a small kitchen knife and a tiny blunt craft knife. Parts of her interior have been painted using a large clumsy childrens poster paint brush. I think I should be more professional. I'm just not doing the old girl justice. It doesn't help that the carpet trys to pounce on me when I'm working on it. Is all carpet so unweildy?

She's going in to have a service tomorrow...I don't think the garage know what they've let themselves in for. At least justkampers have sent us a user manual now perhaps they can just follow that.

The chickens have been running around the garden today and are now sitting sulking under the climbing frame with big clods of mud attached to their big fluffy feathery pantaloons. I guess they didn't count on it raining while they were having a much deserved dust (mud) bath. Funny girls. Rosie the has laid pretty much everyday since we got her. She's tiny and white like a chicken ballerina and lays pure white beautifully rounded eggs. Tarantula is built like a chicken Lancaster bomber and is incredibly fluffy. She made our day recently when she started laying her long thin dark mahogany eggs again. Incase you are wondering. Oskar named the hens.

I'm off to scale cardboard box mountain...just over 2 weeks before we go!

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