Saturday, 15 March 2008

Theme music

I've currently got RUBY, RUBY, RUBY, RUUUBY...DA DAA DA Da DA DA DAAAA...( on the iPod. I'm imagining us zooming along country lanes singing at the top of our lungs to this; with me screeching "stop the Ruby" at the first yummy piece of wild food I see...I'm still on the look out for Morel mushrooms. I've not found one yet. The route seems to be planed. It involves English vineyards, Biodynamic farmers, Oysters, goose farms, Tudor cooks, the northern most producers of chillies ( and Holy Island


Fal said...

I was thinking that Camper Van Beethoven would be a good choice :)

How do you post links on this thing??? Pfft!

Anonymous said...

If you type in the address you just get:

But ... if you use html you get...
Unfortunately, I can't work out how to write the html so you can see it.