Friday, 28 March 2008

My puny arms and will we be able to leave on Tuesday?

My arms feel so puny. I've been locked in Ruby putting up the spare bunk beds. I borrowed a cordless drill from some neighbours (thank you Mike and Tina) and used the last few threads of twilight to drill away into our crimson and cream pride and joy. The trick seems to be to tap on her metallic Vdub skeleton until you find a patch that sounds hollow and then to drill away until it lunges forward. I then lurch back and try to regain some sense of womanly decorum about the whole matter. Seems to be working though...I've nearly got one bunk up.
We've regained Rube from the Auto electrics and as it’s now a matter of urgency drove her straight to the garage for the full works. Service, replacement door panels and seals, Oh my. There she stayed for a night and a day until we thought we'd chase them up and see how it was all going. It wasn't. Jack the super VW camper expert has been taken ill and nothing at all is going to happen until this Monday. We LEAVE on Tuesday. We WILL leave on Tuesday.WE WILL, WE WILL, WE WILL!

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