Thursday, 8 July 2010

Economy warp drive

Recently, along with many other people we've been on a bit of an 'economy drive'. Thrifty is defiantly the word. I've been mining into our freezer and discovering all sorts of delights. Spicy polenta made for when we had guests but never used. Late summer blackberries stored when we had the idea we would accumulate enough of them to make wine....but never did. These forgotten treasures shouldn't be left in the freezer like monuments to a forgotten past. Abandoned in their cold museum. Let them free. Be inventive. My blackberries have become jam, my spicy polenta was transformed into a spicy sausage dish and the 25 sprats I practically dug up are to become tonight's supper. Sprat pate, served on warm soda bread and a salad from the garden. Actually rather than feeling that we are making doing or waste notting. I feel like I have again awakened that gluttonous side of me. The side that indulges itself. Using the leftovers and forgotten unlabeled boxes in the freezer hasn't made me feel downhearted. It's been inspiring.

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