Friday, 16 July 2010

Food Friday

Food friday.

So this is my new concept. It's very simple. I think that everyone should have a 'Food Friday'. In short this means dedicating some of your time on a Friday to producting your own food for the table. This could be by fishing, rabbiting, gathering wild food,bartering your skills in exchange for food or taking care of the veggie patch. As long as it means that you are actually producting your own food and it costs you nothing (or as near to nothing as you can). You may even be able barter skills for food.

Think of different ways you could achieve Food Friday...Mow next doors lawn in exchange for being able to help yourself to that abandoned rubbard in the corner of their garden.

By having a Food Friday we can drastically cut the amount of food miles our food has to come, eat more healthily, save money, learn about food and actually appriciate the food we do produce more. Too many people don't think about the food they buy and waste tons of it. This is a great way to be more in touch with our food. If everyone had a Food Friday and spent just one day (or even just a hours or two producting their own food) think about how much less food we would have to import and more closer to home. Think how much money you could save....

Please comment if you like my Food Friday idea...and spread the news. Everyone should have a Food Friday.

This Food Friday (today) I'm attending to my cabbages and pickling the green imature elderflower berries to make something very similar to capers.

Happy Food Friday!

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