Friday, 18 April 2008

Day Eighteen-Bumpety bump,The Pudding Room and Lucy's-Lake District

Jason has had his first 'bump' in 20 years of driving. Entirely not his fault. Ruby is unscathed and everyone is ok. Basically someone had their very low sports car right behind Ruby when we had to reverse to allow someone to reverse into a parking space. He was right in the blind spot and far too near. So Ruby’s tow bar knocked off his number plate and cracked the bumper behind it. Jason even took his time reversing especially as the reverse gear popped out and he had to put it back in and try again. A job for the sports cars insurance me thinks.

What a discovery- The Pudding Room. Sticky old fashioned homemade puds all homemade on the shores of Lake Coniston here in the Lakes by Helen who comes from a background of professional catering and training in a Swiss patisserie. We had a Rum n raisin sticky date pudding which was rich, warm and rummy. Spicy with the type of texture that just makes you want to keep digging your spoon in again and again. It actually comes very attractively hand wrapped in brown paper complete with a wooden spoon just in case you can't wait until you get home. Now we tried the Rum n raisin I'm going to work through the full spectrum of Pudding Room puddings. This is an extremely hard job but someone’s got to do it. I urge you to try a Pudding Room pod'. Order by ringing Helen direct on 07769 697868. Let me know if you do!

Lucy's of Ambleside
The first spears of Spring asparagus, slices of smoked Cumbrian ham 1 cm thick, locally made bread including a fabulous poppy seed covered 'donker'. Lucy's is the place to buy locally sourced food from the Lakes. Have a look at the site and discover Lucy's for yourself at

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