Monday, 14 April 2008

Day Twelve-Ponies, overlapping food and near crash-Exmoor

From Dorset we journeyed on to Exmoor. Just for one night. On the way we saw there was a sign for a toll so that you could avoid Porlock Hill. Why waste money we thought? Its only a hill.. As we plumented towards the bottom of the hill. Ruby in 1st gear yelling at the idiot would was stareing at us hurtling towards them we thought otherwise.She didn't move and we landed in a hedge. We were very, very lucky. Porlock Hill is the steepest hill in England. We should have treated her with more respect. Remember, pay the toll, pay the toll........

Here's where we stayed the night Burrowhayes Farm in West Luccombe. I think we'll be back in the summer.

We left Burrowhayes Farm vowing never to attempt Porlock Hill again. West Luccombe is full of trickling streams, welly-booted childrens laughter and the musty scent of the wet but contented Exmoor ponies grazing in the adjacent paddock. Surrounding the village are intense wooded hills. The type that you can’t help but feel have hidden stories and treasures in them. Enchanted m' thinks. I’m not the only one to be inspired by this countryside; this is,R.D Blackmores, Lorna Doone Country.
I’ve fallen in love with Exmoor in a big way. In Ruby we travelled for hours and didn’t see one power line. On foot you could get fair lost in the dense deciduous woodland, wild craggy hills and deep valleys splashed with garish, mustard yellow Gorse bushes and the quite eyes of the native ponies. After our crabby feast last night, we were still replete although Jason and Oskar managed to partake of a little everlasting Bridport cheese and wild garlic, on thick door steps of Polperro granary toast.
A dilemma I have is that I keep buying excitable amounts of local food and as we move to each new area the food from the previous area overlaps with the current areas food. Ruby is practically groaning. We aren’t. Off to Wiltshire later, and to a wonderful family who strive to be self sufficient.

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Jay Ball said...

Glad you're all safe.

I got stuck half way up Porlock Hill a few years back after taking one of the hairpins too slow. Had the embarrassment of reversing back to take a run up. Don't trust the hill.

(BTW bit late now but the toll road is awfully pretty.)