Sunday, 20 April 2008

Day Twenty-off tomorrow-Lake District.

I think we'll be off again tomorrow....the Pennines? Linisfarne? We'll decide tonight while dinning at the Drunken Duck.


Anonymous said...

Glad you all survived the bump.

You all seem to be having a wonderful time in spite of
the weather,and have recommended some interesting places to visit -soon! My mouth is watering at the thought of all that wonderful food. Have heard of some while living or travelling in various parts of the U.K.,but others are new to me. LOL.R.

isle of skye baking company said...

We are following your every move haha. Looks fabulous. Maddy loves to see what O is up to. I am very involved with the local food link...taste local/skye....and when you all recover from this trip, you may want to consider a Scottish Island Autumn on the road!!!by the way do you think Scottish broom flowers are edible like gorse flowers??? xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes eat broom flowers! Add to salads. In fact they are nicer than gorse. Love Jade x

isle of skye baking company said...

HI again
bit of news...the bakery just reached round two in the Made in Britain Awards - country living/ Waitrose. We are going to attack the broom tomorrow...More info needed, do you think one can make an infusion/ syrup from them??
where you going next???? and lastly we now have a red van of sorts called Bella. Maddy is a bit obsessed with it - not as glam or functional as Ruby( an ex PO LDV) - but will become our delivery van.

About Jade...... said...

Regarding the Broom. Make sure it's native Broom and not the Spanish stuff from the garden centre. That really won't do you any good... Try Broom wine,broom in honey, salads etc. Many people are a bit dubious about it as it is know to have some toxins but as long as you have it just now and again you'll be alright. See: for a good recipe.