Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Day two on the foodiemumontheroad tour.

Today has been great! We've had supportive beeps as we wizzed around the wonderful countryside of the Ashdown forest searching for Harvest supplies. Amazingly we found it and what a treasure trove it is. It's easy to miss because the Ashdown forestry commision don't allow adverts or signs. After a local tip off we found a white log outside a lane with the words Harvest home. After creeping up the lane this is what we found.

A diamond in the rough. Daves shack is veiled in the glamour(?) of a sprawling tumble down shed. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it may give an ominous creak and collapes at any moment. But looks can be very deceiving. Inside is bright and clean and beautifully professional looking with helpful staff who know where every item comes from, and the majority of items are local. Daves shack began in 1985 and was set up by Dave Flintam. The supply wholesale, provide a box scheme, and stock and supply high quality, vegetarian,local, mainly organic food and health food products. It has a very welcoming feel and such a wonderful array of local veg I felt like a child in a sweet shop. With goodies like mustard leaf, fresh salsify,purslane, and a wonderful garlic and coriander tempah from Full of Beans I could have lived, cooked and realised foodie dreams there for a very, very, long time. Thank you to Dave, the driving spirit of Harvest supplies and to Sally (pictured with Dave) who was a font of local food knowledge and a very happy person!

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Katie said...

Harvest Supplies - aka Dave's Shack in the woods is the BEST corner shop ever. Organic blueberries to sushi nori, peat free compost to gluten-free bread it's got everything you could possibly want.

The thing is the Shack is SO tucked away folk who have lived here for years can't find it. So was Ruby up to the challenge?

We were so excited to see Ruby steaming into view and so proud when she found the Shack.

"Local Tip off"