Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Internet phone broken, Ruby's met Green Flag - UPDATED

Drew and Dawn are writing for Jade as her technology is broken - OW!
They can't access the internet at the moment, Jade will be back online on Wednesday and.....


UPDATE-posted on April 2nd when internet access had been resumed.

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, Ruby broke down! April Fool’s day certainly had lots of tricks to throw at us. Indeed it did.
Here's what happened......
We spent the morning frenziedly packing Ruby. Stuffing packets of herbs and spices in unlikely cubby holes and rushing back into the house numerous times to get 'useful', can't live without' items. Obviously we can live without them because I can't even remember what they are...and we are still very much alive.

At 11.30 Oskar’s preschool gave us a send off to be remembered. We chugged around the corner into the car park to be greeted by 12 expectant faces, twinkling with delight to see Red Ruby. With lots of giggles and shreeks of enjoyment the children clambered all over her, relishing in the fact that you can get a house on wheels. Oskar was a little sad to leave his group of friends but with all the children waving goodbye and Ruby, Ruby, RUUUBBBBY, blaring out from the stereo, he was grinning as soon as we were on the road.

Driving Ruby is a little like sailing, she tosses around like a boat. After an uneventful voyage we found ourselves on a Friendly club campsite in the Ashdown Forest, Sussex. We got ourselves set up, tried the mains electricity and agreed everything was in order. We decided to try and find Harvest Supplies. A.k.a Daves shack and turned the key in the ignition. Nothing. Nada. The engine didn't even try to turn over. The obvious ploy of tricking the engine into life by trying the key again and again didn't work . Thinking the worst (there was talk of starter motors) we called Green flag our break down service. They arrived within 3/4 hour and Magic Tony as he will now affectionately be known pin pointed the problem and within minutes had rectified it. The battery was flat, our fridge had drained it. We thought it was using the separate leisure battery, but oh no. Didn't we feel foolish. Thank you Tony for getting us on the road!

Well as the saying goes:

‘Ships are safest in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are made for.’

So off we set again to try and find Harvest Supplies. It would be easier to find a heffalump...and when we got back to the campsite we found the engine door had been left hanging wide open the whole trip.....

Tired after all of the tricks April 1st had played on us we battoned down the hatches in Ruby and I tried to access the internet using Jasons splendid new internet phone to update the foodiemumontheroad blog. April the 1st had one more trick to play on us. No battery? No problem, I’ll just use the charger. Sadly the charger was notable in its absence and a decoy one had been packed in its place. Humf.

The hunt for Harvest supplies continues tomorrow amid the beautiful playground of Gorse lined Winnie the Pooh country. See you then!


Deborah said...

Jade, Jason, Oskar and Ruby -
Ouch! Hopnig you're all OK and that you'll be up and motoring very soon. T says he looks forward to sampling the Foraged Borrage Porridge.D,T&Ixox

Anonymous said...

That's fab! also just to let you know the kids at nursery loved seeing Ruby! and Angel hasn't stopped talking about it,
she thinks Oskar's mummy & Daddy are just sooo cool!
take care