Thursday, 24 April 2008

Day Twenty four-Stow House Hotel-Wensleydale,Yorkshire

Stow house hotel, Aysgarth, is a genteel type of hotel. One could imagine playing croquet on the lawn with characters from a PG Wodehouse novel or discovering that the quiet old lady knitting in the corner is actually the infamous amateur sleuth Miss Marple.

We had the whole of this splendid home (the former family residence of the talented amateur photographer Reverend Fenwick William Stow) to ourselves. Irene our host kindly allowed us to take the Master room at a reduced rate and so Jason slept in a four poster bed for first time in his life. The panoramic views of the Dales from our room were breathtaking. Tiny dry stone walls captured small squares of green, miniature sheep grazed and the shadows of the clouds danced across the landscape turning patches of gold into blue grey and back again. I was mesmerised and could have watched it forever.

Fighter jets occasionally roared overhead much to Oskar and Jason’s enjoyment destroying the peace temporarily as they ducked and dived through the clouds.

Rather than going out to eat we bought a selection of local yummies from nearby Hawes. Wensleydale cheese, bread from the local baker, homemade black pudding, lobster pate and early strawberries from nearby Gate Helmsley. All eaten as a picnic on the four poster bed.

Wish you were here?

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