Thursday, 24 April 2008

Day Twenty four-Waterfalls and carpets of herbs-Yorkshire Dales.

What's the sky like where you are today?

This is what it looks like here. An atmospheric ocean of deep bluebell blue.

I've been up hill and down dale today exploring the Yorkshire Dales and the tumbling water of the three tiered waterfalls at Aysgarth Falls. We all have happy glowing faces kissed by the dales wind and sun. My grin is especially broad as I have discovered that the Dales is carpeted in a plentiful supply of wildfood plants and herbs.

Wild Thyme

Wild strawberry
Thyme has unwisely partnered itself next to fragile young violets and wild garlic plunges over the banks of the falls mimicing the frothing water. Wild strawberry plants creep over the verdant green moss their infant flowers the first indication of their fragrant fruits yet to come. The copised Hazel has left us with a few out of season nets to nibble. Salad burnet finds itself crushed under my feet and the smell of fresh cucumber wafts up to meet me.

HazelSalad Burnet

A good excuse to have a Pimms if every I saw one. The Yorkshire Dales National Park has rules on conservation and picking wild plants is frowned. I don't think they would begrudge me my couple of hazel nuts but i think they would have something to say if I actually gathered all I found. So, I was a good foodiemum and just gathered pictures. I was very tempted though.

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