Saturday, 26 April 2008

Day twenty five-Yorkshire to Norfolk.

Poor old Jason spent his birthday today on the M1. Eight hours of driving Ruby while she pretended to be a yacht. Sailing along, she was having a great time. For an old girl that’s 36 years old, she’s completely in her element speeding along on the motorway with the wind on her high top. Rube's definitely faster with a wind behind her.

Just before dark Ruby broke down at a petrol station. As before (on day one) nothing happened when we turned the key and floored her acelerator. Oh, but this time we were prepared. Supplied with a jump start power pack from Halfords we tried to jump start her. After trying for 15 torturous minutes, with a series of local squaddies in uniform, parking up behind us for petrol and then realising we had broken down. We reached for the phone. Jason started ringing Green flag and I thought I would give her one more go...with a bit of a polite cough as though she was clearing her throat she started! I think she just wanted a little rest after the long drive from Yorkshire. She is an old lady after all.

Two hours later we were lost in the darks of Norfolk. Using the combined power of Jason’s wonder phone and directions from a lurching man residing outside the Star pub in Lessingham we found our way to Ingham our first Norfolk pit shop and to Rookery barn bed and breakfast. Run by Lynda and Tony a former pilot, ex Himalayan trekking guide, successful restaurateur and professional photographer. This was meant to be Jason birthday treat. As Oskar had slept most of the day away we watched children’s cartoons and drank service station champagne until midnight. Then we all sunk down into the biggest, comfiest double bed and slept.

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