Saturday, 19 April 2008

Day Nineteen-Fire engines and Boats-Lake District

I took Oskar on a ride in a Fire Engine today in Bowness on Windermere. He donned a firemans hat and jacket and was so excited he actually sat still, with a huge fixed grin on his face, clutching my hand for the whole time. We even had the sirens and flashing lights. Oooo it was great and yes, I think I enjoyed myself nearly as much as Oz did.

I'm starting to get twitchy about wild food again. As always I've been on the look out. I never stop looking because thats when you miss a real treat! It didn't help that we went on a stunning boat trip around Lake Windermere. I found myself wondering if you could catch trout on a line, the same way you do Mackreal?

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